Founder and CEO of RILÈSUNDAYZ, Rilès is a 23 year-old singer, songwriter, composer and producer from Rouen, France. In 2013, he graduates from high school and starts a bachelor in LLCE (Languages, Literature and Foreign Civilizations) at the University of Rouen in order to improve his writing skills (French being his native language).

The same year, he is granted a scholarship and goes on to build his own studio in his bedroom where he learns by himself the science of engineering, mixing, and mastering on YouTube. Always relying on himself and pushing his own boundaries, Rilès has since then produced, written, recorded, mixed, mastered and engineered every single one of his songs. With extremely diverse influences and a wide artistic palette, Rilès has devoted a decade to painting which helped shaping his art direction on the multiple music videos he directed himself.

In September 2016, Rilès decides to challenge himself and starts an adventure he names RILÈSUNDAYZ. For an entire year he releases one song a week, creating 52 original songs. His success in completing the challenge advertised his now famous work ethic and also significantly solidified his fanbase.

In March 2018, he founds RILÈSUNDAYZ, his own independent record label in order to partner with U.S. based label REPUBLIC RECORDS (Drake, Post Malone, The Weeknd, Taylor Swift..) The deal is a first-timer amongst any French or International artist and embodies Rilès’ ambition and goal to expand his career worldwide.

In 2019, with now more experience, stylistic maturity and his label team made exclusively of close friends, Rilès has been adding the last few touches to WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE: his debut album to be released on the 30th of August. The first single of the album Marijuana came out in January and has now more than 4.5M views. Since the signing of his contract with REPUBLIC RECORDS, Rilès and his team have been developing the label RILÈSUNDAYZ and also made its own fashion brand.