Younès grew up and evolved in diverse social as well as cultural backgrounds. Surrounding himself with people of all origins and different stories, he finds the inspiration that now guides his restless writing, never afraid to ask questions that can’t be answered just yet.

In 2017 after graduating with a Master degree in environmental law, Younès decides it’s time to leave his academic life behind and dive into his art. He proceeds to fulfill his multiple interests by enrolling in a drama course for a year and releases his first EP titled Yoon On The Moon where he unravels the substance of his music.

In the EP, one can discover Younès’ capacity to erase all boundaries and embrace his taste for musical diversity (in songs exclusively produced by his group of friends.) From Brazilian influences in La Vie Est Merveilleuse to a mix of oriental and classical music in Mon Temps, Younès does not hesitate to explore Afro sonorities in Mes Mots or even rather more classical hip hop productions with others.

His primary strength is his natural energy that translates throughout his music videos but more importantly the richness of his surroundings. In Mes Mots one can find in his lyrics the importance of his group of friends or even in his first music videos Yoon On The Moon 1, 2, 3 and 4 released as experiments but cumulating hundreds of thousands of views.

Younès’ words navigate with care between certainty and uncertainty or derision and arrogance and give birth to profound texts that encourage listeners to reflect. In Ce N’est Que De L’Art one can pinpoint themes including human relations, justice or even success.

In 2018, thanks to his faithful and reliable fanbase, Younès is invited by Fianso to be a guest on his show Rentre Dans le Cercle which will give him the visibility he lacked in order to showcase his pen to a broader audience that had not yet discovered him. He will quickly go on to release his first Rapport (Premier Rapport) followed by seven others where he unravels his agile words and the way he observes the world like a scientist seeking a remedy.